Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Episode #10 (8/28/11) "Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

Drew: Basil Hayden's bourbon is pretty good stuff. It has a bit of a snap to it. The initial flavor is slightly sweet but it finishes with a little bite. Pretty mild flavor overall. Not shabby in the least, however, for the price that this gets sold for, I don't know if it's really worth it. Unless you prefer your bourbon bottle come dressed in a belt and tunic.

Jeremy: Basil Hayden's a light, crisp bourbon - easy and fun to drink neat. I like it and would drink it more often if it was cheaper and not dressed up like a server at one of those medieval knight themed restaurants.

Spare Death Icon "Quest" Survival [Gift Tapes 2011] (CS)


Royal Harmony Quartet "Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition" Let's Put The Axe to the Axis [Folkways 1981] (LP)

The Reservations "Sit at Home" The Reservations [Gnar Tapes & Shit 2011] (CS)

Jacques Brel "Clara"Jacques Brel 5 [Philips 1962] (LP)

Idaho Joe Windslow "Out of Body Experience" Smoke that Fear [Psychic Sound 2010] (LP)


Purling Hiss "Run from the City" Public Service Announcement [Woodsist 2010] (LP)

Fungus Brains "Death Dance" Ron Pisto's Real World [Load 2011] (LP)

Loose Dudes "Black Preacher" Split with Running [Catholic Male 2010] (7")

The Fall "Deadbeat Descendant" Cab it Up [Beggars Banquet 1989] (12")

Running "Do the Do The" Running [Permanent 2011] (LP)


The Angels "(Love Me) Now" My Boyfriends Back [Smash 1963] (7")


Naked on the Vague "Reflections of Strangeness" Abstract Figures [R.I.P. Society 2011] (7")

Liimanarina "Kuinka Aku Ankasta Tehdään Poliisi" If it ain't the snow it's the mosquitos [Sympathy for the Record Industry 1992] (2x7")

Colour Buk "Magic Keys of Conv." Our Favorite Fucking Day of the Goddam Year [Weird Forest 2011] (CS)

Peter Tosh "Here Comes The Judge" Here Comes The Judge [Joe Gibbs Music ????] (7")

Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting "Untitled" Bubblethug [Weird Forest 2010] (2xLP)


deutsch amerikanische freundschaft "osten wahrt am langsten"die kleinen und die bosen [Mute 1980] (LP)

Fat Worm of Error "Machine with Oil/Machine with Abandoned Doll" Music for 17 Arthur Ganson Machines [No Label 2010] (CS)

Tyvek "Time Change" Time Change/Inter City Walks [Les Disques Steak 2011] (7")

Big Black "Heartbeat" Heartbeat [Touch & Go 1987] (7")

Mike Rep and the Quotas "Village Idiot" Quit Talking and Start Chalking E.P. [Siltbreeze 1993] (7")

The Boys "Dial My Heart" Dial My Heart [Motown 1988] (12")

Tuff, Inc. "Golly Gee" Rappin' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Atlantic 1985] (LP)

Chica-X "To the Library..." Chica-X [HeWhoCorruptsInc. 2011] (CS)



Count Vertigo "I'm a Mutant" I'm a Mutant [Mississippi 2011] (7")

The Apes "Ape Town" The Fugue in the Fog [Self-Starter Foundation 2001] (LP)

My Bloody Valentine "Lovelee Sweet Darlene" Things Left Behind [Independent Music 2001] (LP)

Yussuf Jerusalem "If You Wanna Try" Split with Feeling of Love/J.C. Satan/Jack of Heart [Born Bad 2011] (7")

Lil B "Everything" Rain in England [Weird Forest 2010] (2xLP)

The Outdoorsmen "Tell Your Folks I'm a Goner" Tell Your Folks I'm a Goner [Psychic Handshake 2011] (7")

Adderall Canyonly "Driving Parker Posey to the Mall" It was a Dark and Stormy Night [Field Hymns 2011] (CS)

This Heart Electric "Nowhere to Run..." Polar [Die Stasi 2010] (7")


Blanche Blanche Blanche "Heroes of the Microphone" Songs of Blanche Blanche Blanche [Night People 2011] (CS)

Rocketship "hey, hey, girl" hey, hey, girl [The Bus Stop Label 1994] (7")

The Gories "You Little Nothing" It Came From The Garage II [Wanghead 1987] (LP)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Episode #7 (11/23/10) "Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

Jeremy: Surprisingly I have never tasted Wild Turkey before tonight. I'm glad that Drew brought it over. It's an excellent bourbon that goes down nicely even at 101 proof. Celebrate Thanksgiving in style and drink some Wild Turkey before you feel bad from overeating.

Drew:Wild Turkey is one of the more famous bourbons out there, due to it being namechecked by illustrious folk such as Hunter S. Thompson. It's definitely the smokiest of the bourbons I've tasted as well but it still goes down smooth unlike some of the extra smokey scotchs. It's certainly one of the best 100+ proof bourbons and it's not too expensive at that. A worthy addition to any liquor cabinet and with Thanksgiving on the way, there's no better excuse to indulge yourself and fill up on Turkey.

Patrick O'Hearn "Unusual Climate" Ancient Dreams [Private Music 1985] (LP)

*   *   *

Warm Climate "bricklayer/goldminer" Mangler Redbeard [Robert Barry Construction Associates 2008] (CD-r)

Clay Man in the Well "Untitled" Kupes Sail [Peasant Magik 2010] (CS)

Hanging Coffins "These Little Creatures" Bombers and Blues [Malt Duck 2010] (7")

Rambutan "Half Circle" Narrow Sky [Ghetto Naturalist Series 2010] (CS)

Gertrud Stein "Blümchen" Blümchen [Kernkrach 2010] (7")

*   *   *

The Compass Rose "Ghost of Industry" The Plough Horse [Ekhein 2010] (CS)

Hygiene "29 Bus" Recruitment EP [Going Underground 2010] (7")

The Pheromoans "Robotic Son" Midnight Watchdog EP [Sweet Rot 2010] (7")

Pet Milk "Always Knew it Couldn't Stay" Pet Milk [Peasant Magik 2010] [CS]

Burl Ives "The Blue Tail Fly" the Wayfaring Stranger [Stinson 1963] (LP)

The Holy Modal Rounders "Reuben's Train" The Holy Modal Rounders [Prestige 1964] (LP)

Xiphiidae "Side B (Excerpt)" Pisces Muse [Stunned 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

Tiger Hatchery "Sour Star" Split with Wasteland Jazz Unit [Gilgongo 2010] (7")

AG Davis & Jamison Williams "Side B" May 6, 1937 [Skrot Up 2010] (7")

Black Orphan "Metal Leg" Metal Leg [Volar 2010] (7")

Russian Tsarlag "Yvone" Split with Human Adult Band [Dontrustheruin 2010] (CS)

Teenage Sleuths "Words" Teenage Sleuths [No Label 2009] (CS)

*   *   *

Mattress "Bad Times" WFMU Tape [Eggy 2009] (CS)


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Special Election Episode #6 (10/30/10) "Old Granddad Bonded Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

Drew says: Old Granddad bonded bourbon, crafted under government supervision, is among the best of the high rye content/high proof bourbons I've tasted and its pretty reasonably priced as well. For a 100 proof bourbon it doesn't burn like hell going down (like a certain Fighting Cock) which is much appreciated. It's strong but easily drinkable. There's no real point in mixing it with anything FYI. Good job government!

Jeremy says: Agreed, Old Granddad bonded is a fine choice for a high proof, budget bottle of bourbon. I guess Bourbon County, Seattle USA and Noises endorses the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897!

Sister Mantos "WORLDWIDE" Tough Love or the Fands of Hate [Sweetheart Society/Manimal 2010] (LP)

*   *   *

The Styrenes "He's a Loser" We Care, So You Don't Have To [Scat 1998] (LP)  *Dedicated to Dino Rossi's sorry anti-contraceptives, anti-choice ass*

Mel Croucher & Automata UK "The Piland International Anthem" Pimania [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

The Chinese Restaurants featuring Barack Obama "River of Shit" River of Shit [S-S 2010] (7")

*   *   * 

Roy Orbison "Working for the Man" The All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison [Monument 1972] (2xLP)

Mattress "Stay Poor" Low Blows [Malt Duck 2009] (CD)

Le Sang Song "Death vs. the Rich" Le Sang Song [Dragnet 2009] (LP)

The Dils "Class War" 198 Seconds of the Dils [Dangerhouse 1977] (7")

*   *   *

Outdoorsmen "Drunk Driving" Drunk Driving [Clown's College 2010] (7") 

Tyvek "This One or that One" Still Sleep [What's Your Rupture? 2007] (7")

Gay Beast "Good Government" Disrobics [DNT 2008] (LP) 

Telephone Callers "No Child Left Behind" Volumes I & II [Fixture 2010] (2xCS)

*   *   *

The Rebel "Aiming Low, Getting High" Aiming Low [Lexi Disques 2009] (7")

Madvillain "America's Most Blunted" Money Folder [Stones Throw 2003] (LP)

*   *   *

Bourbon County Seattle endorses Patty Murray for U.S. Senate (fuck Dino Rossi)

Bourbon County Seattle recommends Washington voters:
  • Vote Yes on 1098
  • Vote No on 1053
  • Vote No on 1107
  • Vote Yes on either liquor initiative 1100 or 1105

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Special Spooky Halloween Episode #5 (10/24/10) "Ancient Age Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

Jeremy says: Ancient Age is a decent cheap bourbon. Don't buy it expecting anything that will taste very good, but if you want a simple bourbon that won't offend the naive palate then it is a decent affordable choice.

Drew says: Ancient Age is pretty unimpressive but okay for the price. Though, considering there's better and (slightly) cheaper bourbon out there (Evan Williams Green Label), I probably won't ever be buying a bottle of this again. Maybe I'll try a bottle of Ancient Ancient Age at some point as I hear that stuff is pretty good. It gets good marks for packaging design though.

You are Not All Boring "Evil Electronics" Pixelated Getaway [Boring Tapes 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

Mudhoney "Halloween" Touch Me I'm Sick/Halloween (Split with Sonic Youth) [Blast First/Sub Pop 1988] (12")

Mrtyu "Ritual Terra Continuii" Ritual Terra Continuii [Tipped Bowler Tapes 2007] (CS)

The Spits "Down the Road" Haunted Fang Castle [Scion 2010] (mp3)

Savage Republic "Flesh that Walks" Tragic Figures [Independent Project 1982] (LP)

Basil Rathbone "The Raven" Basil Rathbone Reads Edgar Allan Poe Vol. 1 [Caedmon 1954] (LP)

*   *   *

Christopher Wiman "The Raven" The Raven [Ghost & Son 2010] (3" CD-r)

Mike Rep & the Quotas "I Slept with a Mummy" A Tree Stump Named Desire [Anyway 1996] (CD)

Jazz Destroyers "Love Meant to Die" Cleveland Confidential [Terminal 1982] (LP)

Mirrors "Another Nail in the Coffin" Big! Wave [CLE Magazine 1995] (CD)

Cccandy "Are You Dead?" Necrosis [Eat 2008] (7")

*   *   *

Andreas Brandal "A Midnight Visitor" Into Thin Air [Sweat Lodge Guru 2010] (CS)

Kommissar Hjuler und Frau "ONCE AGAIN concrete poetry (or was it the song?)" Amerikanische Poesie und Alkoholismus [Feeding Tube 2009] (LP)

Mayyors "Deads" Deads [No Label 2009] (12")

Jaws of the Shark "Jaws of the Shark" Jaws of the Shark [Power/Peter Pan Industries 197?] (LP)

M. Geddes Gengras "Side B (excerpt)" Pink Trails/Deep Moon Time [Stunned 2010] (2xCS)

The Seeds "Evil Hoodoo" The Seeds [GNP Crescendo 1966] (LP)

*   *   *

Coconut Coolouts "The Monsters Crash (the Regular Peoples Party)" Halloween Party Songs [Dirtnap 2009] (7")

Sord "Kill You" Endless Muse Like Visions [Faux Pas 2010] (CS)

Ooga Boogas "Eisbaer" Oogas Boogas Covering Grauzone's Eisbaer [Aarght! 2010] (7")

Christwrong "My 100 Snaken Angers" EP [Control Force 2010] (CS)

Druid Perfume "Other Worlds" Druid Perfume [M'Lady's/Italy 2010] (7")

Dim Dusk Moving Gloom "The Gnashing of Teeth (excerpt)" Split with Skin Graft [Rainbow Bridge 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

Gravediggaz "1-800 Suicide" 6 Feet Deep (a.k.a. Niggamortis) [Gee Street 1994] (CD)

Bonus Spooky Treat: Children Under Hoof performing a live score 
of Assault of Precinct 13 recorded in Dublin

Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Episode #4 (10/16/10) "Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey"

Jeremy Says: I enjoy Bulleit neat; It's a nice bourbon. Do not mix it with coke though, for some reason the two just don't go together well.

Drew Says: I concur. Very nice bourbon taken straight. More rye than your average bourbon but retains a smoothness. The flavor is weirdly combative with the flavor of Coke as Jeremy mentioned, not sure why, so don't plan on using it as a mixer. Considering its more towards the expensive end of the spectrum though you'll probably be drinking it neat anyway.

Plasto Beton "Ete 1983" Plasto Beton [SDZ 2009] (7")

*  *  *

Baronic Wall "Deciduous Cyborgs" Traditional Appearance [Goaty Tapes 2010] (CS)

The Pooh Sticks "On Tape" Orgasm [53rd & 3rd 1989] (LP)

Silk Ears "A Mad Song" Bed Room Water [Goaty Tapes 2010] (CS)

Eyes "T.A.Q.N." TAQN [Artifix 2009] (10") *Played at 33 rpm

The TV Watchers "Writer's Strike/Make Some More Makeovers" "Carl in the Sky with Diamonds, Split CD" EP [My Mind's Eye 2009] (7")

*  *  *

Sord "Rold Gold/Goodbye Goodnight" Endless Muse Like Visions [Faux Pas 2010] (CS)

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber "Anta No Kai" Kito-Mizukumi Rouber [Siltbreeze 2010] (7")

Rats "It's Lonely at the Top" Rats [No Label 2010] (CD)

Sun City Girls "Let Me" Folk Songs of the Rich and Evil/Exotica on $5 a Day [Eclipse 2005] (2xLP)

Rack Rash "Untitled" National Felt [No Label 2010] (CS)

*  *  *

W.C. Fields "The Temperance Lecture" Side by Side (Split with Mae West) [Harmony 1970] (LP)

Blind Willie McTell "God Don't Like It" 1927-1935 [Yazoo 1968] (LP)

(Part 1 ends)

39 Clocks "39 Progress of a Psychotic" Cold Steel to the Heart [Psychotic Promotion/What's So Funny About 1985] (LP) 

Happy Jawbone Family Band "Fireflies Made Out of Dust" Hotel Double Tragedy [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

Coil "Ravenous" The Anal Stair Case EP [Relativity/Some Bizarre 1987] (12")

*   *   *

Lace Bows "Untitled" Glitter Pulse [Cubic Pyramid 2010] (CS)

Billy Bao "Untitled" May08 [Parts Unknown 2009] (LP)

Alberorovesciato "Untitled" Crown, Mineral & Sacred Well (The Skorpio Tape) [Stunned 2010] (CS)

Foucault "Cassandra" Doppelhertz [Kernkrach 2008] (2xLP)

*   *   *

Banana Head "Usual Way" Split with Rosemary Krust [Goaty Tapes 2010] (CS)

Beaters "Fishage" Fishage/Obamanation [Volar/Single Screen 2009] (7")

Hector Berlioz "Symphonie Fantasique, Fourth Movement: March to the Scaffold" Great Men of Music [Time Life 1975] (4xLP)

The Jameses "The Haunted Rider" Rat People & The Haunted Rider [Mayo Factory 2010] (7")

Telephone Callers "Eschaton" Volumes I & II [Fixture 2010] (2xCS)

Telephone Callers "Shit Show" Fuck Dorian [PRTY NGG 2010] (7")

Mel Croucher & Automata UK "Ally Pally Wally" Pimania [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

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Part 2

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Episode #3 (9/19/10) "Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

Jeremy Says: Elijah Craig lives up to the hype. It is a nice bourbon. Flavorful on the tongue with just the right amount of heat on the throat, my only complaint would be that it may be a bit sweet at times. Overall though, it is an excellent drink and well worth the money. I'm guessing at this price point you can't do much better - but we will keep looking! If you enjoy drinking your bourbon neat, then Elijah Craig is a good choice.

Form a Log "Digital Duck" Digital Duck [Spleen Coffin 2010] (7")

*   *   *

Outsdoorsmen "Beat Around the Bush" Decapitated [Rags 2010] (7")

Teenage Panzerkorps "Here Comes the Warm Tanks/Christian Homes" Here Comes the Warm Tanks [No Vacation 2010] (7")

Occasional Detroit "Side A" Occasional Bomb [I Just Live Here/Human Conduct 2007] (7")

The Dreams "Afrikaner Dub" The Dreams [Rococo 2010] (7")

*   *   *

Bill Orcutt "Way Down South (excerpt)" Way Down South [Palilalia 2010] (LP one-sided)

Fat Worm of Error "Lichen Like Me" Broods [Ecstatic Peace!/Open Mouth 2010] (LP)

Scorpion Violente "Force de Droite" Split with The Dreams [Enfant Terrible/Hex Grammofoonplaten 2009] (7")

Pete Swanson "Side B" Ghost O Clock [No Label 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

No Balls "Undeveloped" Problems That Will Solve Themselves [No Label 2010] (7")

Mel Croucher & Automata UK "A Bit of a Cult" Pimania [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

Low Red Center "Alles Klar" Low Red Center [Answering Machine 2009] (7")

*   *   *

The Secret Prostitutes "Awas! Gestapo Lepas" Never Mind the KBD This is ADD [Bad Hair Life 2010] (LP)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Episode #2 (9/12/10) "Early Times Kentucky Whisky"

Early Times Kentucky Whisky
Jeremy says: "I think it's good. I'd rather drink Early Times than Fighting Cock."

Drew says: "Early Times is a decent cheap whiskey. It has a bit too strong of an alcohol taste for such a low proof. It tastes a lot better if you let it sit and open up though. It does have a very nice, caramel-y scent too especially after sitting out for a while."

You are Not All Boring "Cruiser" Pixelated Getaway [Boring Tapes 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Punk Rock Secret" Punk Rock Secret [Bag of Hammers 1995] (7")

Ex-Fag Cop "Matrixcide" Ex-Fag Cop [Bat Shit 2010] (7")

Puffy Areolas “Untitled” Summer Tour 2010 [No Label 2010] (CS)

GDC “Haut Contre Bas” Jours Avec Jennie [No Label 2010] (CS)

The Dreams "Palm Street" The Dreams [Rococo 2010] (7")

Archers by the Sea “Synthetic Glaze” Sometimes We Should Dance [Stunned 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta “I Want You (So Bad)” Jet Set Siempre 1 [Tall Corn 2010] (CS)

OMD "The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished)" Joan of Arc [Dindisc 1981] (7")
A. Pushkin “Technology (Part One)” The Figure [Avant Archive 2010] (CS)

Carl Calm “Crocs Time” The Breslin Rotary Way/The Sag (split with Flower Man) [DNT 2010] (2xCS)
*   *   *

Couch "Chinese Mechanic" Split with Bullet in the Head [Nightcap/Bulb 1993] (LP)

David Russell “Side B” Architecture [Pilgrim Talk 2010] (7” Lathe)

Jef Jaisun "Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent" Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent [Cantbustem 1969] (7")

M. Mucci "The View From Here" Time Lost [The Tall House 2010] (LP)

Bassholes "Changes Had to Come" (She Said I Had a) Problem [Bag of Hammers 1995] (7")

*   *   *

Paul Flaherty & Bill Nace “Almost” An Airless Field [Ecstatic Peace! 2010] (LP)

The Heartbeats "Oh Baby Don't" A Thousand Miles Away [Rama 1956] (7")

Raven Chacon “Hasta’aadah - For Wind Ensemble” At the Point Where the Rivers Crossed, We Drew Our Knives. [Anarchymoon 2010] (LP)

Brainbombs "Drive Around" Obey [Armageddon 2010] (LP)

Mikis Theodorakis "La Course de Manuel (Chase)"  Z (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Columbia 1969]

* * *

Mel Croucher & Automata UK, LTD. "Pimania" Pimania [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

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