Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Episode #2 (9/12/10) "Early Times Kentucky Whisky"

Early Times Kentucky Whisky
Jeremy says: "I think it's good. I'd rather drink Early Times than Fighting Cock."

Drew says: "Early Times is a decent cheap whiskey. It has a bit too strong of an alcohol taste for such a low proof. It tastes a lot better if you let it sit and open up though. It does have a very nice, caramel-y scent too especially after sitting out for a while."

You are Not All Boring "Cruiser" Pixelated Getaway [Boring Tapes 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Punk Rock Secret" Punk Rock Secret [Bag of Hammers 1995] (7")

Ex-Fag Cop "Matrixcide" Ex-Fag Cop [Bat Shit 2010] (7")

Puffy Areolas “Untitled” Summer Tour 2010 [No Label 2010] (CS)

GDC “Haut Contre Bas” Jours Avec Jennie [No Label 2010] (CS)

The Dreams "Palm Street" The Dreams [Rococo 2010] (7")

Archers by the Sea “Synthetic Glaze” Sometimes We Should Dance [Stunned 2010] (CS)

*   *   *

Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta “I Want You (So Bad)” Jet Set Siempre 1 [Tall Corn 2010] (CS)

OMD "The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished)" Joan of Arc [Dindisc 1981] (7")
A. Pushkin “Technology (Part One)” The Figure [Avant Archive 2010] (CS)

Carl Calm “Crocs Time” The Breslin Rotary Way/The Sag (split with Flower Man) [DNT 2010] (2xCS)
*   *   *

Couch "Chinese Mechanic" Split with Bullet in the Head [Nightcap/Bulb 1993] (LP)

David Russell “Side B” Architecture [Pilgrim Talk 2010] (7” Lathe)

Jef Jaisun "Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent" Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent [Cantbustem 1969] (7")

M. Mucci "The View From Here" Time Lost [The Tall House 2010] (LP)

Bassholes "Changes Had to Come" (She Said I Had a) Problem [Bag of Hammers 1995] (7")

*   *   *

Paul Flaherty & Bill Nace “Almost” An Airless Field [Ecstatic Peace! 2010] (LP)

The Heartbeats "Oh Baby Don't" A Thousand Miles Away [Rama 1956] (7")

Raven Chacon “Hasta’aadah - For Wind Ensemble” At the Point Where the Rivers Crossed, We Drew Our Knives. [Anarchymoon 2010] (LP)

Brainbombs "Drive Around" Obey [Armageddon 2010] (LP)

Mikis Theodorakis "La Course de Manuel (Chase)"  Z (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Columbia 1969]

* * *

Mel Croucher & Automata UK, LTD. "Pimania" Pimania [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

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  1. Haha, cooperage means barrel or cask, as in "cooper" -- the person who makes such items. Not co-operage. :)

    Awesome show by the way. Really enjoyed the first track!!! Last track of part 1 was great, too!! :D

  2. Hey Kane, first of all, thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed the show.
    Also, thanks for setting us straight on the "cooperage" debacle. I'd like to blame my idiocy on too much whiskey but I was thinking soberly just incorrectly when I said "co-operage." We're obviously not very qualified to be whiskey reviewers! Not that I've ever let the lack of qualifications stop me before.
    More great music and whiskey to come, thanks again for listening!