Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Episode #4 (10/16/10) "Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey"

Jeremy Says: I enjoy Bulleit neat; It's a nice bourbon. Do not mix it with coke though, for some reason the two just don't go together well.

Drew Says: I concur. Very nice bourbon taken straight. More rye than your average bourbon but retains a smoothness. The flavor is weirdly combative with the flavor of Coke as Jeremy mentioned, not sure why, so don't plan on using it as a mixer. Considering its more towards the expensive end of the spectrum though you'll probably be drinking it neat anyway.

Plasto Beton "Ete 1983" Plasto Beton [SDZ 2009] (7")

*  *  *

Baronic Wall "Deciduous Cyborgs" Traditional Appearance [Goaty Tapes 2010] (CS)

The Pooh Sticks "On Tape" Orgasm [53rd & 3rd 1989] (LP)

Silk Ears "A Mad Song" Bed Room Water [Goaty Tapes 2010] (CS)

Eyes "T.A.Q.N." TAQN [Artifix 2009] (10") *Played at 33 rpm

The TV Watchers "Writer's Strike/Make Some More Makeovers" "Carl in the Sky with Diamonds, Split CD" EP [My Mind's Eye 2009] (7")

*  *  *

Sord "Rold Gold/Goodbye Goodnight" Endless Muse Like Visions [Faux Pas 2010] (CS)

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber "Anta No Kai" Kito-Mizukumi Rouber [Siltbreeze 2010] (7")

Rats "It's Lonely at the Top" Rats [No Label 2010] (CD)

Sun City Girls "Let Me" Folk Songs of the Rich and Evil/Exotica on $5 a Day [Eclipse 2005] (2xLP)

Rack Rash "Untitled" National Felt [No Label 2010] (CS)

*  *  *

W.C. Fields "The Temperance Lecture" Side by Side (Split with Mae West) [Harmony 1970] (LP)

Blind Willie McTell "God Don't Like It" 1927-1935 [Yazoo 1968] (LP)

(Part 1 ends)

39 Clocks "39 Progress of a Psychotic" Cold Steel to the Heart [Psychotic Promotion/What's So Funny About 1985] (LP) 

Happy Jawbone Family Band "Fireflies Made Out of Dust" Hotel Double Tragedy [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

Coil "Ravenous" The Anal Stair Case EP [Relativity/Some Bizarre 1987] (12")

*   *   *

Lace Bows "Untitled" Glitter Pulse [Cubic Pyramid 2010] (CS)

Billy Bao "Untitled" May08 [Parts Unknown 2009] (LP)

Alberorovesciato "Untitled" Crown, Mineral & Sacred Well (The Skorpio Tape) [Stunned 2010] (CS)

Foucault "Cassandra" Doppelhertz [Kernkrach 2008] (2xLP)

*   *   *

Banana Head "Usual Way" Split with Rosemary Krust [Goaty Tapes 2010] (CS)

Beaters "Fishage" Fishage/Obamanation [Volar/Single Screen 2009] (7")

Hector Berlioz "Symphonie Fantasique, Fourth Movement: March to the Scaffold" Great Men of Music [Time Life 1975] (4xLP)

The Jameses "The Haunted Rider" Rat People & The Haunted Rider [Mayo Factory 2010] (7")

Telephone Callers "Eschaton" Volumes I & II [Fixture 2010] (2xCS)

Telephone Callers "Shit Show" Fuck Dorian [PRTY NGG 2010] (7")

Mel Croucher & Automata UK "Ally Pally Wally" Pimania [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

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