Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bourbon County, Seattle, USA and Noises Special Election Episode #6 (10/30/10) "Old Granddad Bonded Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

Drew says: Old Granddad bonded bourbon, crafted under government supervision, is among the best of the high rye content/high proof bourbons I've tasted and its pretty reasonably priced as well. For a 100 proof bourbon it doesn't burn like hell going down (like a certain Fighting Cock) which is much appreciated. It's strong but easily drinkable. There's no real point in mixing it with anything FYI. Good job government!

Jeremy says: Agreed, Old Granddad bonded is a fine choice for a high proof, budget bottle of bourbon. I guess Bourbon County, Seattle USA and Noises endorses the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897!

Sister Mantos "WORLDWIDE" Tough Love or the Fands of Hate [Sweetheart Society/Manimal 2010] (LP)

*   *   *

The Styrenes "He's a Loser" We Care, So You Don't Have To [Scat 1998] (LP)  *Dedicated to Dino Rossi's sorry anti-contraceptives, anti-choice ass*

Mel Croucher & Automata UK "The Piland International Anthem" Pimania [Feeding Tube 2010] (LP)

The Chinese Restaurants featuring Barack Obama "River of Shit" River of Shit [S-S 2010] (7")

*   *   * 

Roy Orbison "Working for the Man" The All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison [Monument 1972] (2xLP)

Mattress "Stay Poor" Low Blows [Malt Duck 2009] (CD)

Le Sang Song "Death vs. the Rich" Le Sang Song [Dragnet 2009] (LP)

The Dils "Class War" 198 Seconds of the Dils [Dangerhouse 1977] (7")

*   *   *

Outdoorsmen "Drunk Driving" Drunk Driving [Clown's College 2010] (7") 

Tyvek "This One or that One" Still Sleep [What's Your Rupture? 2007] (7")

Gay Beast "Good Government" Disrobics [DNT 2008] (LP) 

Telephone Callers "No Child Left Behind" Volumes I & II [Fixture 2010] (2xCS)

*   *   *

The Rebel "Aiming Low, Getting High" Aiming Low [Lexi Disques 2009] (7")

Madvillain "America's Most Blunted" Money Folder [Stones Throw 2003] (LP)

*   *   *

Bourbon County Seattle endorses Patty Murray for U.S. Senate (fuck Dino Rossi)

Bourbon County Seattle recommends Washington voters:
  • Vote Yes on 1098
  • Vote No on 1053
  • Vote No on 1107
  • Vote Yes on either liquor initiative 1100 or 1105


  1. you think arab on radar sucks? (i'm live blogging my listening experience to your blog)

  2. Ha! Thanks for listening Rachel. I tend to think many things suck when I'm drinking bourbon.

  3. his record has totally suffered.